Our Impact

Our commitment to the environment

Here at Princess Alice, we are committed to becoming more sustainable. We care about our environment, and our wider community members within Sutton Coldfield, so we wanted to share what we’re doing to give back to the world around us and our neighbourhood.

At Princess Alice Retail Park, we are excited to have introduced bird boxes, and bug hotels, that are completely made from recycled materials. These new additions not only promote our commitment to sustainability, but also contribute towards the thriving biodiversity of our local area.

Our bug hotels at the park are designed to create a welcoming playground for our insect friends, made completely by natural and manmade materials. This habitat is made to welcome an array of local insect life, from ladybirds, bumblebees, to woodlice and other species! The hotels will provide our insect friends with a safe space to keep away from predators, and even a chance to lie in and hibernate during the appropriate seasons.

Whilst you’re on site, take a moment to check out these installations, and most importantly, our new wildflower garden that will be in full bloom throughout the spring/summer period!

What our stores are up to

We are proud to be home to several stores that share in our commitment to the environment, and all we want to do is shout about it! Here’s a sneak preview into some of the initiatives our stores are running…

Shop with your mind at ease knowing that the products you need from Boots are all sourced responsibly and ethically – and all the exclusive Boots lines are produced by suppliers who not only treat their workers fairly, but also show a responsible attitude to the environment.

Not only are next a member of the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan, but they are committed to raising awareness about how your pre-loved clothes still have a purpose! Whether you’re in the middle of a spring clean, or you have some extra bits lying about, visit our next store in Princess Alice Retail Park and use their handy recycle donation box – which is right at the entrance of the store! Fun fact, hangers are incredibly difficult to recycle, so what does next do? Give them a second lease of life by reselling them to other retail brands, or giving them out to charity shops. It’s as they say, every little bit helps!

Greggs has a proud reputation of giving back, and providing support to charities across the nation, as well as the Greggs Foundation which aims to build stronger, healthier communities where they operate. Did you know? Our very own store hosts various charitable initiatives in store – most recently, a book sale in support of their foundation! Not only that, at the end of each day, all of their surplus food is donated to the Greggs Outlet, whereby customers in need can enjoy what the store has to offer, at incredibly discounted prices.

Over the years, have you noticed that your Costa cups have had a facelift? That’s not only for design! It’s all part of their goal of reducing waste, boosting recycling, and utilising recycled materials in their move towards “reuse” as their ultimate goal. So swap out your usual to-go cups, and get your hands on one of Costa’s lovely reusable ones today – together, we can all make an impact, starting at Princess Alice Retail Park!

Just last year, Currys launched their “Go Greener” campaign which not only awards customers for making greener choices (such as choosing free delivery), but also tasking their team of experts at the park to help customer make green choices by choosing the most energy efficient, latest tech available on the market. Don’t believe us? Visit the store today and see for yourself!

Ever think of what happens to all that food stores such as M&S have at the end of each day? Do they go to waste? Are they dumped and forgotten? Absolutely not! M&S have been working with various redistribution organisations, such as Neighbourly, to help kerb the wastage of surplus food. At the end of each day, all their surplus items are donated, and are distributed to help those in need in our community. Go M&S!

Mountain Warehouse have made a promise to help the environment, and they are delivering on just that! To start, our local team are solely responsible for their waste management, whereby every item is separated and collected by a dedicated team to ensure these items don’t go to landfills. Not only that, but have you noticed that the store is now trialling reusable paper bags? That their packaging is now smaller and holds the same quantities? Or that their swing tags are now all made from biodegradable material? Visit the store today and see for yourself!

There’s nothing like refuelling for your day with a bucket of Colonel Sander’s best! How can it get better you say? Well, how about knowing that every bucket, box and packaging used in the Princess Alice restaurant is completely recyclable and compostable? OR, that every piece of crunchy chicken is responsibly sourced?